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About Us

Sunny Machineries is Experienced in manufacturing and exporting of jewelry making machines, our main product focus on producing Gold & Silver Laser Cutting Machine, Gold Coin Making Machine, Hydraulic Coining Minting Press, Jewellery wire & sheet rolling machine, Coining Dies Molds, 3D Laser Engraver, Jewellery spot soldering machine and Goldsmith Machinery Manufacturer with a demonstrated history of working in the luxury goods and Jewelry Industry. Our product is made using high end raw materials and supportive technologies with providing prominent training and installation support onsite. As the jewelry is a dynamic and fasting-shifting fashion industry, We focus on developing technologies for new models everyday and move to the market rapidly. Sunny machineries delivers to jewellery manufacturers across the country, innovations that turn their designs into beautifully finished products. Skilled in Gold Coining & Minting Tool & Dies. Strong operations professional with a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) focused in Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial studies from Cambridge Judge Business School, UK. Contact or visit us for information about our products and company.

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